The Story

Book Excerpt (in progress)

Dad and I had a brief conversation. At the end of it he took his stand.  If I chose not to come back to the Jehovah’s Witness community he would no longer talk to me.

Hoping things had cooled down, I called again a couple of weeks later.   The call was to make sure Dad knew I respected his decision and apologize if he felt otherwise.  This time though his wife answered.

She explained as kindly as she knew how that if I no longer would be part of the community, she also wouldn’t talk to me. Then, she asked  “Are you happy?” Spontaneously, I replied “Yes, I’m happy. Probably happier than I’ve ever been.”  That comment threw her for a loop.  She gasped and replied “I don’t see how anyone could be happy outside of the organization.”  In the moment I spoke to what I felt and said as kindly as I knew how “Well, it’s like I found a better happiness.

It was the first time the expression ‘a better happiness’ had ever crossed my mind, yet alone my lips.  But it made sense.

In that moment the universe revealed to me what I had known already.  After everything learned and examined, I had reached a point of peace.  By looking at things objectively and prayerfully I had grown.

If I had been happy before what I found was something even better: Freedom of mind and heart. The truth is, we are happiest when we can think for ourselves.

Better happiness had found me.

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