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45 Seconds To Wonderful! – or 60 if you read slow

What is “wonderful”? Have you experienced it? I believe it’s the purest feeling of good we can have or give to someone else. More than simply good, it is wonder “full”, much more than we ever expected.

While sitting among the memorial tombs and gravestones I began to sense humbly the shortness of life. It became clearer to me that our life is limited only to the extent we engage in it.

Even if born into unfortunate circumstances, we can – if we muster up the determination, live a life of meaning and effectiveness. The people in those graves are absent physically, but the fullness of their being is felt in the remembrance left.

As it goes, a life well lived in the service of others is the better course for what it leaves as a legacy. Life is wonderful if we allow wonderful to happen.

Be wonderful

We’re often so dependent on others to define who we are, we overlook that we came into the world completely equipped to assume this role quite well.  Circumstances may hinder us from understanding this early in life.  But, as grow and learn it becomes clear to us.

There is a 3 step path to correct ourselves which we can apply right away:

1. Choose success. Yes, success is a choice – and a mindset

2. Define what that success means to you. It is YOUR success, don’t be hemmed in by the expectations of others

3. Then, start on the path right away. Once you define what it is you want to succeed in, move toward it. Small steps do count!

BELIEF is the beginning of success. Start with you.  Believe in yourself and start a revolution.

As Robert Noyce, co-founders of Intel Corporation, one of the world’s most successful semiconductor chip manufacturers once said:

“Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful”

© Marc Townsend

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