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Believe and Achieve in 3 Simple Steps

What do you believe?

All achievement starts with a belief.  Belief in oneself and in the cause or action.

Beliefs stem from acquired knowledge. Here’s a simple example: We believe the sun will rise each day. Why do we believe this?  Because we know it rose today.  We know it rose yesterday and the day before it, the day before that and so on. With this evidence we know and believe the sun will rise tomorrow.

How does this simple belief shape our lives? It effects basically all we do. The time we rise, do our daily work, eat and sleep is to a greater or lesser extent dictated by the rising and setting of that bright morning star.

Similarly, if we are to build a belief in ourselves to shape our lives we need to see evidence we can rely on.  Such evidence motivates us.  All of us start at the same maturity level when we come out of the womb. From then on, circumstances such as our mental and physical state, our family structure and social setting begin to shape our thoughts and eventually who we become.

If we were physically capable, we began to crawl before we walked. Then, we walked before we could run.  And, once we could we were off and running! That’s achievement. What was it based on? We believed.

More specifically, it was more like we didn’t “not believe” in ourselves. We were open-minded and nothing seemed impossible because nothing was.

As we grew we went from eating soft food to solid.  We became potty trained.  We learned to speak our native tongue and so forth. Yes, we achieved. For the most part this achievement came naturally. Our minds continually grow and as long as we stay open-minded its like a sponge. Children are the most open-minded people.  It’s no wonder that during our youthful years we learn so quickly and easily.

We are all natural achievers.

At some point as we grow the open-minded child begins to lose that trait. Somewhere along the line we are hit with negative impressions which limit our beliefs in what we can do. We feel we cannot do too much or that our achievement is dependent on others.  In a sense, we give away our power.  However, we can take back that power! The key?  Be like that child and believe once again in ourselves.

Here’s 3 steps to help move us along:

The first step: Be open-minded:

Be open-minded to change with the goal of achieving something.  A goal as simple as fixing an appliance long overdue for repair is great.  Or, something as noble as making the effort to communicate better with a family member. Identify what you want and open your mind to the changes necessary to carry it out.

The second step: Think on it:

Once you’ve identified what you want, take time to think on it.  For example, if you want to communicate better with someone take time to consider the why.  If communication had been good before, what changed? Is it a time issue, distance? Did a disagreement or problem cause the communication gap? What can you do now to re-establish better communication?  Write down concrete steps to get the desired outcome.

If there is a serious problem you may need to take it to another level.  Perhaps with the goal of reaching mutual understanding and not blame to open any lost lines of communication.

The third step: Believe:

Remember the infant stage. We didn’t “NOT” believe.  Instead we thought nothing was impossible. And in our minds that was true. We can choose to think that way again. By not, “not believing” we are allowing our minds the freedom to believe. One may call it positive reinforcement, or another may call it fortitude.  Whatever we call it, we know this: Belief in ourselves our desires and goals leads to achievement and success.

Taking the first step is success. Build on that. Apply the steps and see the good results.


© Marc Townsend

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