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Fear Is Not An Option – change the option to change the result

Fear is not an option

Okay, maybe that’s not right. It’s proper to display fear in the face of imminent mortality, or unforeseen disasters. I supposed it’s coded into our DNA as a protective measure to sustain our lives. But, I’m referring to a more subtle fear option. That fear which prevents us from doing something because of our own doubts in our ability or fear of how others may view us.

What if that fear creeps into our lives in such a way it affects our ability to behave in our natural capacity? Think of it this way. Those times in the past when you wanted to say or do something but held back out of fear: What if the fear was non-existent?

Our own fear can often be a huge hindrance to living a life of authenticity, blocking us from doing what we need or want to do in our own interest.  Basing such fear on what others may say or think of us if we act on our own. However, if we want to go beyond the ordinary we need to break from that crippling, demoralizing fear. Instead, we need to force ourselves to think outside that fear box so to speak. We need to make it our personal motto that this fear is not an option. Otherwise with fear as an option it soon becomes a crutch when what we need is positive action.

No way is that easy. Getting rid of any ingrained habit takes time and effort. Maybe even the thought of squelching our fear makes us fearful as ironic as that is.

Control Your Thoughts

While we cannot control everything in our lives, we can control our thoughts. We need to control our fearful thoughts and attempt to think different from before in similar circumstances.

The fact is when we think to act in a particular way we do so. Therefore, if we have the habit of reacting our of fear in particular areas of our lives, the key is to think in terms of the opposite of fear in those circumstances. We need to think in ways to take courageous action.

Merriam-Webster online defines courage as the “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”  What areas in your life do you need to show more courage? Thinking in terms of a courageous approach to it will change your mindset.  And thinking in this way may move you to say what you need to say, do what you need to do, and be who you need to be in the circumstance.

Be Self-Constructive

Speaking from tragic experience, being fearful of what others may say or think is a self-destructive habit. If we have the habit of fear reacting ingrained in our thinking it may take time to undue.  But, with positive effort we can change our reactions. If acting out of fear is self-destructive, then acting out of courage is self-constructive and makes you a stronger person. Even if we picked one thing today to act with courage on, it points us toward the goal of making that our default thought habit  in life.

So if you see yourself in this why not take that step? Act with courage. It’ll be worth the effort. Here’s to living a life where fear is not an option!

© Marc Townsend


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  1. Right on KZ! I read a quote today from motivational speaker Simon Sinek: “We have no choice, we must all die. How we live, however, is entirely of our choosing.” I think that’s really the key, choosing how we want to live and defining ourselves. It’s the ‘getting there’ – into that space of confidence that can be such a challenge when all that baggage is on one’s shoulders.

  2. kzstyle

    I appreciate the courage that you show just by being transparent and sharing your life journeys challenges. As you know by our many discussions, we view life and situations much the same. This subject is a huge task for people that come from the same upbringing that we have. I think for me, it has been much easier not to put too much emphasis on what others think or overcoming that fear because I have experienced it for a long period of time. Even before no longer being accepted as a JW. But when we become confident in who we are, it’s liberating.”And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

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