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God is Good. We are Too.

Some who read this may not follow, worship, or even believe in a higher power.  And that’s fine with me because I believe we’re all on our own individual journeys in life.  I love to see people overcome and succeed.  Life can be a brutal taskmaster, so there is benefit in learning how others navigate the challenges encountered, regardless of their beliefs. 

After we say and do it all, we still share the same eventuality – the grave. 

I find it much more reasonable to be agreeable to other’s differences than to argue and fight about who is right or wrong.   

My story is unique in some ways, but common in many others.  To me, I see it as overcoming obstacles.  Others may see in it something they relate to and feel.  There are times I’ve wondered if it’s worth sharing at all.  I’ve experienced some difficult moments over the past few years and my self-esteem took a huge hit. 

I’m still rebuilding and working on finding the right footing again.  Reflection has taught me I still have a lot of mess in my head to organize.  I’ve come a long way to be sure, but I’m far from finished.  

You’re going along doing well. And then one day, you’re hit with an experience which knocks you to your knees. It was humbling. But helped me understand that indoctrination at a young age is difficult to remove, and may take years to undo.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? 

In April 2008, I lost the only way of worship I knew for 43 years.  I didn’t intend to leave. Still, I suddenly found myself on the outside looking in, which I accepted without spite or animosity. Why would I? They taught me this way of discipline was really God’s way.

In time, I began going back to the way of worship I knew. Then I realized being on the outside looking in gave me a perspective I’d never had. It provided an unfiltered view on which I could really pray, think and reflect. So I did.

Through this looking glass I came to recognize things are not always what they appear. I realized my integrity to God and truth was more important than merely seeking to please men under the guise of service to God. Some feel inclined to go that route, and it’s not for me to criticize the faith of another, nor to judge another man. I don’t have that authority. According to the Bible, the Heavenly Father gave that authority to his Son.

However, in discerning what is right from wrong, I discerned it would be wrong to set any man-made instructions above or on a par with God’s law’s and principles.

I discerned it wrong for any man created in the image of God to impose on another man sharing that same image – when that man should worship, where he should and for how long, and further impose on that man what to read, when to read it, and in expressing his faith, impose on that man what to say and how he should say it. Imposition on its own is not wrong. Life is full of impositions. But when the imposition evolves into dogma, it has gone beyond what it should.

If that is the case, is it worshipping God, or just following another man’s directives?

In time I discerned that is not what God wants or needs. Because of this I determined to rely not on men for validation of my faith but on the God I know intimately as Jehovah, though that name is but one aspect of God’s greatness. I also recognized that, though man may separate man, no man can separate me from God’s love.

Because of this choice, some who were once close to me in worship now will not speak a word to me. That is their choice. However, God’s Word is clear: “God is not partial, but in every nation, the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.” 

God’s acceptance is good enough for me as it’s the one that counts the most. God is good.  And if we seek the Divine guidance within the infinite wisdom of God, we too can tap into that goodness to the benefit of ourselves and others we connect with.  Take a walk in nature and observe the beauty of things and reflect on what it means.  Observe the animals, big and small, and try to see what we can learn from them.  If it’s a clear night, look at the stars and moon and allow yourself to wonder.  Just wonder.

I think God is good.  We are too.

To clarify we can be good if choose to. I’ve chosen the alternative to good at times and that’s on me. That goes back to that humbling experience I mentioned earlier. Some day I’ll write in detail about it, but it’s still too raw right now. Suffice to say I left a second marriage, and though it was the right thing to do, still feel like shit about it.

I’m still learning how to live right with myself.  But I’m also learning more and more how things are not always black and white.  It’s so important to not be too hard on ourselves and to bring our goodness to the world.  Choosing good is a path to better happiness.

My message is simple:   

– God loves and accepts me and you too. 

– God’s wisdom is accessible to us.  Let’s tap into it. 

– God is good and we can be good too. Choose good for happiness sake.

Please be well and stay healthy.

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