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How to Be a Mostly Good Person

I want to be a mostly good person.  So I researched it.

There’s a ton of information out there in the ether designed to help me be just that.

When I Googled “How to Be a Good Person” a whopping 735,000 results came back! That’s a good start. It left me with no excuse to say, “Well, I can’t be good. There’s simply not enough information to go on.” Plus, advice on the areas where I could be a good person were plentiful.

There was stuff like ‘how I could be a good person that people look up to’. Or, ‘how to be a good person every day’. That’s goodness gold!

There was even information on ‘how to be good without being religious’. That one is intriguing. It’s actually something I’ve wondered about since being kicked out of my born into religion. Can I really be good without religion? Luckily, it turns out I can!

Well, depending on who is defining the “good”.

“Hmm… Could it be….? Satan?” mused The Church Lady.

People want to be good.  Mostly.

Subsequently, based on my non-scientific and mostly impractical research, I’ve concluded a lot of people do want to be good and all . They just don’t know how.  I don’t blame them. It’s hard with so many variables involved. I was known as a good kid growing up — in the sense of being pleasing to the adults and not causing my parents too much heartburn. Then I became a good young man, mostly in that I could hold a conversation and was basically nice to people.

Then I became a grown man and got all religiously good. One day I misbehaved and my religion said I was no longer a religiously good grown man. Okay, I did misbehave more than one day but that’s beside the point. Quit judging me. Anyway, to their credit they did tell me how I could be good again. But it gets back to that whole ‘who’s defining the good’ thing. Nonetheless, my waywardness led me to search out the meaning of this elusive goodness.

I had it once and let it slip away. Could I get it back?

Turns out goodness has many facets to it.  Like, being good at one thing yet bad at another. For example, being a good provider but a lousy husband or father. Or, being good at math but terrible at tennis. Michael Jordan was really good at basketball and not so good at baseball. There are so many variables to this being good situation it makes my head hurt.

And that’s all okay because it helped me figure something out. Actually, I found the secret to being good. And because I’m working on being good I’m obligated to share this secret with you. Of course, then it won’t be a secret anymore. That’s one of the downsides of goodness I guess. Despite all the hoopla it’s not as hard to be good as people claim. Hell, if I figured it out you know it can’t be.

So here’s the secret. It’s simply this: To be good, don’t do anything too bad. See my logic? Think about it. What is good and what is bad is often relative. Don’t get me wrong. There are some really bad things and bad people in this world. Some things are obviously blatantly bad and people who do blatantly bad things are generally not seen as good. But other than that, you’re pretty much given the good pass if you just don’t anything too bad.

There you have it. So, my goal is in whatever I do, not to do anything too bad which will give me an edge on being mostly good.

There is enough bad in the world already. Let’s go out and do some mostly good stuff in the world today.

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