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You, Defined-5 Simple Ways To Positively Kick-Ass Being YOU!

When you hear the name Michael Jordan what comes to mind? A kick-ass baller?

What about Warren Buffett? An investor kick-ass?

When you about Tiger Woods do you think of him different now than you did a few years back?  Another type of ass?

Throughout life the challenge is being and remaining authentically you.  Even if it’s just breathing, we are known for something. But we may want to build on it. I call it becoming the ‘definition of YOU’.

What does it mean? It’s creating a self-definition of who YOU are and then working toward that. Developing clarity of purpose to your meaning and value and living this meaning with intent. Rather than allowing others to define you it’s taking control of who you are and want and becoming the driving force to carry out your goals.

Don’t limit yourself. We’re in the driver’s seat of our lives. We should redefine ourselves. It’s the essence of growth. Imagine fitting in the same self defined box at age 40 as when we were 20?

If we don’t define ourselves others will

It’s as simple as that. Whether we’re at home, in school, or at work — wherever we interact with people they are defining us. Their definition of you will vary according to the type and level of interaction they have. And, probably isn’t the kick-ass view we have of ourselves. For example, your mother’s definition will vary from your brother or sister’s. Your boss’s may vary from your work peers and so on. However,  they have defined you.

And because we yearn for social approval, it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting others define us. It’s uncomfortable being viewed as different or out of the ordinary. It can cause distress to those around us and who wants that? Yet we often find in our desire to gain approval we lose a part of ourselves. And as time goes by we feel frustrated and angry or become bored with our routine. We hear folks complain of how they’ve “lost touch” and how they need to “find themselves”.

I’m no psychologist, but I feel in part this need to find oneself is because people grow tired of trying to fit the definition others have put on them. I believe the search to find oneself is a silent scream to break out and create one’s own definition of self; to become that definition of YOU.

It’s imperative to clarify our personal values and decide what is and what isn’t important to us. Once this is clear we need to develop a plan to get where we need to be and work that plan with intention.

Half-hearted effort will get you half way there. Be whole-hearted in your efforts to reap the full benefits.

Imagine a capacity audience staring at a blank screen in your own movie theatre of life. You are the film projected on the screen. What do you want the audience to see? Your goal is to project the desired positive image of yourself upon others.

Here are five helpful steps to become the kick-ass definition of YOU today:

1. Focus on the positive others see in you: Ask those who know you well for feedback on the positive strengths or traits you have but they don’t see enough of.

2. Think of how you can further expand these positive traits in your life: Home, work or play — we have a boatload of opportunity to interact with others.

3. Visualize what this enhanced definition should look like — that image on the screen: When we think in positive terms we have positive outcomes. Visualize the positive.

4. Write the proactive steps needed to achieve this image: Keep it simple, make it achievable for you. A few to start and depending on the feedback you may want add more. Remember, though — these are proactive steps. Don’t make yourself inactive before you even begin!

5. Right away, begin the step-by-step process: There’s no better time than now.

This process of defining need not be overwhelming. It may a challenge and it will take effort. But don’t allow the size of the task to discourage you. Besides, If you’re thinking to change up then you’re already on the right track.

Michael, Warren and Tiger defined themselves in their lives and careers. You and I are no different. We can do the same and choose the level we want to play at. Go ahead, take life by the horns. Meet the challenge: Become the ‘definition of YOU’!

© M.A. Townsend/www.

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