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Life – Ride It!

Life comes at us with a relentless voracity intent to destroy us – or make us more than we ever imagined we could be.

Thing is, life doesn’t care what happens to you. It just keeps plowing ahead.

If you do little to affect life’s force, be content with the mediocrity it will bring. That’s ok if that’s what you want. If you’d rather stand up to life and say “hell no!”, then you have a fighting chance!

A chance to take life by the reins and ride it as you see fit!

We can compare life to breaking in an untamed colt. If you mount life timidly, it will use your fear against you and buck like a crazed bronco. It will bruise and batter you despite your desperate attempts to get a grip. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, guess what? A sudden jolt knocks you off balance again!

If you’re not thrown off again, you’ll want to jump off just to regain your senses!

Be Stubborn

Though I’ve ridden horses a couple times, I’m not good at all. It takes time and effort to learn to ride well. But I’ve gleaned some things from friends who are. There are different techniques to tame a colt and I’ve heard one of the more practical ways is to overpower it. Not in an assaultive, brutal way, but more overcoming stubbornness with more stubbornness.

Would you like someone to jump on your back and yell “giddy up!”? Hmm…, as I rethink that question I’m sure some might just say yes on that one! Ok, to clarify then – the more traditional folks probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Well, neither does that colt! When you mount an untamed colt, it’ll go wild trying to get rid of you. The more you resist, the more irritated the colt becomes.

Sensing your stubborn control, the colt increases its efforts to toss you with an outburst of wildly crazed bucking and kicking. But after enough exertion, if you hold on nice and tight the colt relents to your control. Yielding to your notion of authority over it as you hold strong.

Take control

Life is very similar. Do you ever feel as if life is playing tricks on you? That life is toying with you? It is. Sometimes the hardships seem to keep coming one after another. You wonder if you’ll be able to come out from under its grip. if you’ll be able to breathe again.

To live our most authentic life we must control it. We need to overpower life with our own measure of self-control. The late esteemed business leader and speaker Earl Nightingale, once proposed we are where are in life because that’s exactly where we want to be. His point being we often subconsciously end up where we are in life because we’ve settled upon that.

That young man or woman, who was full of so many hopes and aspirations, settles into a pattern of dealing with life on its terms. “That’s life” as they say. But it doesn’t have to be. As life bucks and kicks us around, it slowly concedes to our control; as long as we relentlessly hold on. The ride is not always easy but just may be worth it.

My call to action to you is this: Go out, take life by the reins and ride it!

© Marc Townsend

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