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The United Strength of (an imperfect) America

African American Woman Sewing Flag

Am I so naïve to think America is perfect?

Not at all.

However, I have the wherewithal to understand something in the air has changed. There is a noticeable difference in the way people dialogue. There is a misunderstanding of others. We don‘t trust intentions. This causes fear. Fear gives way to anger. We yell. We point blame.

Does this way accomplish anything? It may validate a point of view. But what do we want?

If we could come together as people imagine what we could accomplish.

Come together America.

Leave the divisive rhetoric and see us for who we are. We are a country
of individuals from different walks of life, ethnicity’s and cultures. Yet, we are all under the same heavens we look up to. See it for what it is. We are brothers and sisters. United we stand and divided we fall.

The question to ask now is not how did this happen, rather what can we now do to make things better. How do we overcome the divide? There has never been complete unity. It has always been a country separated by race and class. White against black. Rich against poor. Only a miracle of God would change that. No, we may not change that human reality.

What we can do is tilt the scales to a more balance equation.

We can work toward that goal. There will always be some who will fight against progress. They will protest change. Those who will not want to see equality among races and genders. Let them be. It is love that conquers all and if the hate in their hearts is full, it will take much time and patience to win it.

Still, with these pockets of animosity, look at what individuals who come together for a greater purpose can accomplish: Women’s rights, the civil rights movement, the voting act, LGBTQ rights, farm workers’ rights and the list goes on. These were not quick wins. These were movements spread over generations and in which the fight to maintain continues to this day. So, don’t give up. Do not despair.

Together, we are the united strength of an imperfect America.

Come together and see what we can do.

© Better Happiness 2018

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